CPWD for its effective working has developed the following codes, manuals, schedules, technical specifications, design manuals and other necessary technical publications.The important ones are enclosed for reference:
        CPWD Department Code
        CPWD Accounts Code

        Manual Volume I
        CPWD Works Manual 2012
        CPWD Works Manual 2007
        CPWD Works Manual 2003
        Manual Volume III
        CPWD Maintenance Manual 2012
        CPWD Maintenance Manual 2000
        Schedule of Maintenance
        Vigilance Manual
        WC Establishment Manual
Plinth Area Rates
        Supplement for Specilized E&M Works 2013 - View in PDF
        2012 - View in PDF
        2007 - Reprint 2010 - View in PDF
        2007 - View in PDF

Analysis of Rates for Delhi:
        2013 -Vol-IVol-II
        2012 -Vol-IVol-II
        2007 - Reprint 2010 -Vol-IVol-II
        2007 -Vol -IVol-II 
Schedules of Rates (Civil)
    Delhi Schedule of Rates:
        2013 - View in PDF
        2012 - View DSR2012-Supplements in PDF
        2012 - View DSR2012C-English in PDF 
        2012 - View DSR2012C-Hindi in PDF
        2007 - Reprint 2010 - view in PDF 
        2007 - View in PDF 
        2002 - View in PDF  or   EXCEL 
Schedules of Rates (Electrical)
    Delhi Schedule of Rates:
        2013 - View DSR2013-(E&M) in PDF
        2012 - View in PDF
        2012 - View in PDF  or   EXCEL  or Hindi 

        Specifications Volumes I
Design Manuals
        Integrated Analysis & Design of Buildings Manual
        Integrated Planning & Analysis (IPA)
        Handbook on Repairs & Rehabilitation of structures
        Manual on Planning & Design of Reinforced Concrete Multistoreyed Buildings Vol-Iand Vol-II
        Space for Electrical and Machanical Services in Buildings
Other Publications
        Cost Index Book for all cities
        General Conditions of Contract - 2005
        Books of Volumes 1 to 6
        A Handbook of Landscape